As we celebrate the beginning of the holiday season, here are five things our organization is thankful for:

  1. Education that empowers single moms single mom families
  2. A great country that offers single moms the opportunity to succeed
  3. Children – whose existence inspires single moms to achieve their full potential
  4. A government that provides tax deductions and tax credits for charitable donations *
  5. The opportunity to serve single moms such as Candice.


Helping Hands - Candice Johnson - by Patrick Breen/The RepublicTo see why we serve single moms like Candice, click  HERE

* Donations to Helping Hands for Single Moms are tax deductible.  Additionally, if you are a resident of Arizona, the Arizona State Charitable Tax Credit allows you to reduce your current year’s state tax bill by either $400 (married filing jointly) or $200 (single individual or head of household), when you make a donation to Helping Hands for Single Moms. To qualify for this tax credit you must itemize your taxes.

For more information please contact Chris at 602-796-7875 or email at