The Single Mom College Community

Scholarship Plus Services

The Single Mom College Community is another example of the Scholarship Plus services offered by Helping Hands for Single Moms. Single mom college students face daunting challenges unlike the typical college attendee sitting across the aisle in class.Few students understand the pressure of taking a final after being up all night with a sick kid. Most single mom college students feel they are struggling alone.

The Single Mom College Community provides a venue for the moms to meet and build mutually supportive relationships. The meetings provide:

  • Group discussions about relevant topics such as: time management; raising children and managing stress
  • Speakers addressing professional development subjects such as: dress for success; how to interview; and preparation for certification testing for nursing students
  • Financial management training to ensure that the moms wisely manage their soon coming windfall from a livable wage job
  • Family outings to events such as: professional football, basketball, or baseball games; the ballet; Disney on Ice, and, more

As a result, single mom college students no longer feel they are alone on their educational journey – they are a part of the Helping Hands for Single Moms family, many building lifelong friendships.

Nursing Student Graduates

Single Mom College Community for Nursing Students in Phoenix. Nurse mentor are also pictured.

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