Single Mom College Community

Sharing, Learning, and Networking

The Single Mom College Community provides a monthly gathering point for the moms, where they discuss meaningful experiences about life, family and school. Presentations from various guest speakers spark conversation about relevant topics and provide interactive learning opportunities for the moms. Our single mom college students may choose to join our East Valley or Central Valley meeting. Our student nurses, however, have a special gathering at John C. Lincoln Hospital, where they join with nurse mentors and focus on career-related topics.

Supporting and Empowering

We believe that single moms in college need a network – a supportive community made up of other single moms who can work together as a whole to empower each mom as an individual. Our Single Mom College Community provides just that. This facet of our program is based on solid research through a collaborative effort between Helping Hand for Single Moms, Arizona State University Partnership for Community Development and Valley of the Sun United Way (2005). The goal was to determine how single moms in college can form productive and mutually supportive relationships. Based on positive, successful results, the Single Mom College Community was created.