Dreams Become Reality

“It’s a sacrifice. It’s a big sacrifice. But I would tell any single mom who is thinking about getting her degree that it is well worth it. And the sooner she gets started, the sooner she will be a college graduate.”

Jamie and her daughter celebrate graduation at ASU

Jamie and her daughter celebrate graduation at ASU

Jamie now proudly holds that degree.  A 2013 graduate with her BSN from ASU,  Jamie is enjoying the realization of a life-goal achieved. As a bonus, along with her degree comes an end to jobs that barely pay bills and the beginning of a fulfilling career in healthcare.
Jamie always wanted to be a nurse. Even as a little girl, she knew she wanted to care for people. This wish became more of a determination after spending time with her grandmother of failing health. Jamie discovered an even more focused passion, caring for geriatric patients.  But as with many of us, Jamie’s dreams got sidetracked by life circumstances. After moving from Texas to Arizona to be closer to family as she raised her daughter on her own, Jamie entered Mesa Community College to begin her journey to a more stable life. With her prerequisites finally under her belt she applied to ASU’s nursing program. Even with her 4.0 GPA, it took her three tries to get a coveted spot in the program, but it was worth the effort.   Jamie graduated in 2013.

Of the several offers Jamie received with her newly earned degree, she committed to a position as a floor nurse in an Orthopedic Medical Surgical Unit.  With the added income, she can now afford to enroll her scholastically excelling daughter in dance class and advance her dream, as well.
Jamie and her daughter both know first-hand the value of hard work, but the reward of a better life puts all that sacrifice into perspective.

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