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Manuela Garrido decided it was time to go back to school after her husband of 15 years left her and her three children. He just decided he didn’t want a family life anymore, Manuela said. When he left, he did not go amiably. She recounted how he disabled her van and trashed her home, which […]

Our sincere thanks to the following donors for their contributions to Helping Hands for Single Moms in memory of our friend Robbie Qualls: Phyllis and Gene Banucci Denny’s, Inc (via John Miller)

On Friday, June 10, twenty-three single mothers made their way to the Chaparral Suites for a relaxing weekend getaway. Fiesta Bowl Charities made this staycation possible to give these women a much-needed break, as they all manage to work part-time, attend college full-time, manage their homes and raise their children. It was a fantastic weekend […]

For our Friends in the Phoenix Metropolitan Area: If you’re in the middle of Spring Cleaning, bring your no-longer-wanted items to Meridian Bank instead of throwing them away or having a yard sale. We’ll collect them, have them picked up by Weigh to Fundraise, and for every pound they pick up, a monetary donation goes […]

On September 18th, 2014 the U.S. Airways Center Pavilion came alive with former and present Phoenix Suns players along with an assembly of NFL and MLB athletes. These professionals, many who were raised by single mothers, gathered to raise $40,000 to help low-income single moms attend college. Event host, Eddie Johnson, played 17 years in […]

MY MOM – MY HERO Michelle’s life, itself,  began as an overwhelming surprise- she was one of two, in an unexpected twin birth to a single mom and a father struggling with addiction.  Her first 10 years were marred by abuse and chaos.  As Michelle floundered in school with undiagnosed learning disabilities, she anesthetized her […]

Enlightening, heart warming and recommended by single mom professionals:  “Bay and Her Boys.  Unexpected Lessons I learned as a (Single) Mom”  by Bay Buchanan.  Click here  for more information

JAMIE’S DREAM ACCOMPLISHED “It’s a sacrifice. It’s a big sacrifice. But I would tell any single mom who is thinking about getting her degree that it is well worth it. And the sooner she gets started, the sooner she will be a college graduate.” Jamie now proudly holds that degree.  A 2013 graduate with her […]

Holiday Happiness was a delightful and memorable day for gift donors and the single moms. We celebrated our Dec. graduates, recognized a very special single mom, Angel Morris, (mother of Phoenix Suns twins, Markieff and Marcus Morris) and welcomed the gift donors who shopped for the children of our single mom college students.  The gift donors […]

FROM LESS TO SUCCESS!   We love to share about the success of our alumni. Below is an excerpt from a letter from Dawn, used with her permission: “I am sitting at the airport right now waiting for my flight and I was thinking about you (Helping Hands).  I wanted to thank you –again- for the […]

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